Research Objectives

The PATH Study is looking at:

  • Reasons why some people use tobacco and others do not.
  • How and why people:
    • Start using tobacco,
    • Start using different types of tobacco products,
    • Use two or more tobacco products, and
    • Switch from one tobacco product to another.
  • How people quit using tobacco.
  • Reasons why some people who quit using tobacco start using it again.
  • Changes in people’s attitudes toward tobacco over time.
  • Differences in tobacco use-related attitudes, behaviors, and health among:
    • Men and women,
    • People of different races and ethnic groups, and
    • People of different ages.

Information from the PATH Study is helping NIH and FDA to understand tobacco use behaviors and how use affects health over time. Findings from the study will inform FDA’s regulatory decisions and actions under the 2009 Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control ACT.

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