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Transcript of Study Overview Video

Many different types of tobacco products are now being sold and used. [Types of tobacco, such as cigarettes, a pipe, a cigar, and a vape machine appear.]

Some tobacco products like e-cigarettes are new, and we're learning more about them.

[NIH - National Institutes of Health. PATH - Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health.] The NIH, in partnership with the FDA, is sponsoring the PATH Study to help researchers understand what products people are using and how they affect health. Based on the study, researchers have already gained valuable information on several issues, including marketing and advertising of tobacco products, attitudes and beliefs around tobacco use, and youth access to tobacco products.

[A map of the United States with a blue dot in Kansas spreads across the entire country.] Thousands of households and individuals have been selected for – and are participating in – the PATH Study, one of the most important tobacco and health studies ever done in the United States.

[Three houses randomly lights up blue.] The PATH Study picks addresses by chance from a list of addresses. During a visit to each chosen address, an interviewer asks questions about the people in the household to see if anyone is selected for the study. Because the study is interested in why people use or do not use tobacco products, it's important to include tobacco users and non-users.

The information we collect is used for research purposes only and is kept private. [Sheets of papers fall into a folder titled confidential.]

Each selected household becomes an important part of what is learned about tobacco use behaviors and health. Participation in the PATH Study makes a difference.

There's more information about the PATH Study on this website. If you have questions, call us toll-free at 1-888-311-1819. [Text, PATH, Population Assessment of Tobacco and Health. A collaboration between the NIH and FDA. WWW dot path study info dot nih dot gov.]